Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Famous Pork Roast

This is one of the first recipes I made for my in-laws. It went over so well, my MIL begged me for the recipe. Since then, each time she shares it with another family member, I end up with an inbox full of rave reviews.

Personally, I love this recipe. It's so easy, pork roasts are one of the cheapest cuts available, and while it makes plenty for a crowd, I've yet to run out ideas to use the leftovers of this versatile recipe.  

This can also be easily adjusted to the crock pot, however, I have always preferred the results I get in my oven. 

The dry rub:
1 Tbsp salt, brown sugar, coco powder
2 tsp black pepper, cumin, dried oregano
1 tsp garlic powder, chile powder
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

Combine all the spices and rub all over the roast.

  I like to use a pork "butt" (it's really a part of the shoulder), but the "picnic" and shoulder cuts work great as well.

 This is not something you can do with out getting your hands dirty. So take off your rings and use rubber gloves if you must.

 Cover and refrigerate over night.

Next day, start with preheating your oven to 325.

 Thinly slice one, large onion. I used a white onion because they looked the best today, but any kind will be fine here.

  Separate them with your fingers as you sprinkle the onions into a large, dutch oven.

Top with roast (fat side up).

Over the roast pour one can of diced tomatoes (with juices).

And 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar.

Add enough water to almost cover roast, about 1 quart.

Adjust oven racks so the dutch oven sits in the middle.
Braise for 5-6 hours, until it pulls apart easily with a fork.

Get ready for everyone in your house to suddenly be starving!

Next I will show you a few of my favorite meals to make out of this lovely creation.

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