Monday, June 20, 2011

Too Much to Do!

First off. Today is the final sale day!!

Now that that's out of the way I can start on the very busy week ahead of me.

I'm making a double batch of lemon bars for the Asha Girls. I had never made them before so I did a test batch on Saturday. They're all gone now so I think they turned out ok.

An old friend is getting married on Thursday, and I'm working on putting together a bath themed gift with personalized wash cloths, soap saver, bubble bath, etc, all in a cute basket. Inspiration thanks to Lion Brand's  free patterns!

Another friend is having a baby shower on Saturday. For her I thought ahead (a little) and made a set of cloth blocks in bright blue and green patterned cottons. For different textures, on one side I added a little crochet granny square and on another soft felt. A third side I backed with a double layer of wax paper to make crinkly sounds. I think I'll round out the gift with some bottles off her registry.

I've been working hard lately to get back into shape after my second baby, and as a reward for my efforts I'm making myself two new skirts. First a denim, high-waisted, pencil skirt. I'm designing my own pattern, which I've never done for sewing before. So I made a test fitting out of two old t-shirts. I'm so excited! There is nothing like the feeling of clothes that fit you just exactly the way you want them. So I cut into my denim last night, even though I have much more pressing projects to finish.

Behind the scenes of all this, I still need to finish making the second size of my Link sweater and get to work on putting tags on everything. Which reminds me. My tag fabric from Spoonflower arrived much sooner than estimated, looking just the way I wanted it, and even had a hand written thank you. I think I'm in love!

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