Friday, June 3, 2011

Lots to Do

Sorry about the long gap between post. I certainly haven't been idle, there's many things to update on.

First, I got several of the Iron-On patches made and even made my first sale!

So far I have dragons, unicorns, and pegasuses. I feel like patches are going to be a constant part of my shop, so I'm always thinking about new designs and new ways to streamline my process while maintaining quality.

 I also decided to make some alterations to my hand knit rainbow dress. I think the fairy wings are pretty cute and they help the dress fit my store better. The wings themselves feature a hand embroidered outline in bright green.

But what I'm most excited about right now is my Baby Link Sweater. Inspired by good old Legend of Zelda. Hand knit in recycled cotton. Super cute and comfy. Right now I have one in 0-6 months and I'm in the process of making one in 6-12 months.

And if all that's not enough, I'm also working on some baby shower gifts for some friends who are mommies-to-be. I'm thinking multi textured cloth blocks for those who aren't finding out the sex ahead of time, definitely a pink tutu for the friend who's having a girl, and embellished onesies for all!

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