Monday, June 6, 2011

Product Tags

Even before starting my Etsy shop I had been thinking about getting tags made to put on my knitted and sewn projects, especially for the gifts I made. Since starting my shop, it has become a necessity that I hadn't fulfilled. Up til now.

I had found plenty of sites that would make personalized ribbon style tags. But you had to chose between sites where you pick from their limited stock of logos and fonts (and were fairly expensive) or sites where you can do just about anything, with your own logos, fonts, materials, and anything else you can think of (and were very expensive!).

Then I found Spoonflower. A site where you personalize your own fabric print. Here I can put exactly my logo and shop name all over a piece of cloth. Then with a little of my own effort I can cut them out and hem them into my own unique tags, and for a very reasonable price! So I've ordered a couple of 8x8 sample swatches, which if they turn out right, should make me several dozen tags.

What I also love about this site, is I can put my personalized pattern up for sale on their site and get a commission off it! Now I probably won't be putting my tags up for sale anytime soon, but if I come up with something cute that other people might buy, it would be an easy way to make (almost) free money.

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